Meg Mac Has Finished Recording Her Debut Album

November 6, 2016
Meg Mac Has Finished Recording Her Debut Album

Meg Mac has just announced that she has finished recording her debut album and has also released “If You Want Me To Stay” in celebration of the announcement.

She announced the news via her facebook page stating “I have finished my album and I’ll put out the first song in the new year. Here is something I just recorded at home, it has nothing to do with my album but I did it anyway.”

So there doesn’t seem to be a release date just yet but we should be able to expect more news along side the release of that new track she mentions early next year.

So the song isn’t a track of the upcoming album and seems to just be more celebrating the news. She performs the song “If You Want Me To Stay” on old song by Sly and the Family Stone from 1973. The full cover of the song is in the video below, enjoy!