Indie Music

Indie music is a blanket term that generally refers to all music recorded, produced and published independently by autonomous and do-it-yourself artists. Indie bands are usually less commercially driven, less mainstream, and outside the influence of major record labels. Indie music can encompass every known genre and subgenre, including pop, hip hop, rock, folk, electronic, and more.

Thanks to the self-publishing opportunities afforded by the internet and the greater level of control creators can have over their material, there is a constant stream of new indie bands emerging all over the world. Far more than mainstream groups, indie artists are continually looking for innovative ways to share their tunes and to connect with their audience.

New Indie Bands

Whatever genre of music you’re interested in, there’s no shortage of international and Australian indie bands to discover and enjoy. Some of these include Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, the Chain Gang of 1974, and Sonic Youth. These and many more have chosen to avoid lucrative record and advertising deals, opting to instead promote their material, generate interest and attract audiences to gigs themselves.

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