Australian Metalcore Bands

Fusing extreme metal and hardcore punk, the metal subgenre of metalcore is best identified by its use of breakdowns, giving the audience great opportunities to mosh during gigs. The subgenre is broken down into three further subgenres: there are melodic metalcore bands, mathcore bands, and deathcore bands. As the name suggests, melodic metalcore bands place a greater emphasis on melody, while mathcore is associated with atypical time signatures and deathcore is a blend of metalcore and death metal that turns the energy up and doesn’t hold back. No matter what style of metalcore you prefer, stay in the loop with your favourite Australian metalcore bands by signing up with Rainnbow.

Stay Informed About the Metalcore Scene

The metalcore scene is thriving in this country, with Australian metalcore bands such as Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, Northlane and In Hearts Wake building strong followings both locally and across the globe. Stay up to date with all their forthcoming releases and shows so you don’t miss a gig or upcoming album. Rainnbow can also recommend other melodic metalcore bands and artists you might like based on your existing preferences.

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