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If Metal music is the genre (i.e. what we used to call ‘heavy metal’ back in the day before it splintered off into dozens of subgenres and off-shoots), then heavy metal could be considered the main subgenre that all other subgenres and derivatives draw their main influences from. Often referred to these days as Traditional Heavy Metal – as it is most reminiscent to the sound of the original metal bands of the 1970s – heavy metal is typically identifiable by its searing guitar riffs, extended solos, clean high-pitched vocals, and anthemic choruses. If you’re looking for established or new heavy metal bands from Australia, expand your musical tastes with the help of Rainnbow.

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From Wolfmother and Karnivool to Airbourne, AC/DC and everything in between, Australian heavy metal bands over the last ten years have been enjoying their highest level of fame to date both locally and around the world. Whether they’re scoring high on your favourite annual radio countdown or securing plum spots on festival line ups around the world, new heavy metal bands have come along at a truly exciting time.

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