Australian Deathcore Bands

A combination of death metal, metalcore and hardcore punk, deathcore is an extreme metal fusion genre that originated from the United States. It came into prominence during the late 2000s and features death melodic metal riffs, metalcore breakdowns, and blast beats. Vocalisation commonly includes shrieked, guttural screams and low growls, with sung vocals typically rare. Although this is a niche genre that does not enjoy commercial success, fans of deathcore and metal are passionate devotees. Notable deathcore bands include Antagony, Despised Icon, Whitechapel, Suffocation, and Suicide Silence. Locally, popular Australian deathcore bands include Thy Art is Murder, The Red Shore, and I Killed The Prom Queen.

What’s the Difference?

Deathcore, metalcore and death metal are usually perceived to be the same, however they do possess characteristics that differentiate them from one another. Described as both heavy metal and hardcore punk, metalcore is far more simplistic in instrumentation and vocal tunes when compared to the other two genres. It is also much more technical and doesn’t feature high pitched screams – a trait usually synonymous with death metal.

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