indie folk

Indie Folk Music

A genre that arose in the 1990s, indie folk is a blend of traditional folk and classic country music where singer-songwriters harmonise contemporary instrumentation with acoustic guitar melodies. This sub-genre of contemporary folk music was first established by acoustic artists Will Oldham and Elliott Smith in the 1990s. However, it took a decade for indie folk music to flourish and for labels to devote support to the genre earnestly.

Indie Folk Artists

Over the course of the 2000s, indie folk artists grew in numbers and the genre evolved to encompass a range of music styles. The Decemberists incorporated neo-Celtic folk into their work while Appalachian harmonies were prominent in Fleet Foxes’ works. Other popular indie folk artists that have emerged over the years include Beirut, Mumford & Sons, Nick Cave, Sufjan Stevens, Of Monsters and Men, and Bon Iver.

Many of these artists include variety in their music, fusing lo-fi acoustic ballads with lush electric rhythms to bring their stories to life. Despite having roots in the folk scene, many indie folk artists perform in traditional rock venues rather than coffee houses, and as such their music is distinguished from contemporary folk groups.

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