Australian Electronic Artists

Electronic music reaches as far back as the 1920s and 1930s, when the first electronic instruments were introduced and the first compositions for electronic instruments were composed. However, it was not until the 1960s and 1970s era of disco and funk that electronic music became an entirely new entity of its own.

It was the post-disco climate of Chicago, New York and Detroit that gave rise to house and techno music, which sprung up in the 1980s. With the creation of polyphonic synthesisers and drum machines, new sub-genres such as new wave, synthpop and krautrock also emerged. As music technology became more affordable in the 1990s, American, British and Australian electronic artists were able to experiment and produce a wide range of styles, including drum ‘n’ bass, glitch, trip-hop, garage, tech-house, and dubstep. While many of these fall under the category of dance music, electronic artists have also experimented with a range of down-tempo sounds, resulting in stylistic fusions like ambient-house, chillwave, instrumental, and deep house.

Australian Electronic Bands

While electronic music is an umbrella term that covers a wide and diverse range of sounds, Australian electronic bands have been making their mark on both local and international electronic dance music (EDM) and pop charts. Notable names include Cut Copy, Peking Duk, Flume, Empire of the Sun, The Presets, Knife Party, and The Aston Shuffle. While these artists are making waves on the dance floors across the country as well as overseas, there are also a number of emerging artists that are dominating in their respective electronic sub-genre fields.

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