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Stray From The Path

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Originated: United States


Stray From the Path is an American band that formed in 2001 in Long Island, New York. Musically they have covered multiple styles: Mathcore, chaotic hardcore, rap metal/rapcore. They have released six full-length albums; 'Audio Prozac' in 2003, 'Our Oceania' in 2004, 'People Over Profit; 'Villains' in 2008, 'Make Your Own History' in 2009, 'Rising Sun' in 2011, and recently released their latest album, 'Anonymous in 2013



Subliminal Criminals

Released: 2012


Released: 2013

Rising Sun

Released: 2011

Make Your Own History

Released: 2009


Released: 2008

Our Oceania

Released: 2005

Audio Prozac

Released: 2003