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Sticky Fingers

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Originated: Australia


The Sydney based four and sometimes 5 piece have just released their debut, the ironically titled mini-album Extended Play. From the inner west the band is delivering a refreshing vibe to the Australian music scene, they began when drummer Beaks and bass player Paddy, met busker Dylan, one night outside the Coopers Arms hotel in Newtown. Dylan, fresh from N.Z. and not yet 18, was on the streets with his guitar busking for coin outside the pub. “We met him,” Paddy says, “when the Coopers Arm...


Land of Pleasure

Released: 2014

Caress Your Soul

Released: 2013

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Oct 12, 2016

Even after delivering an already stellar line up for the New Years Eve festival with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Hermitude and Sticky Fingers, Beyond The Valley has gone and released and whole new slate of names that are set to make there way ...