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Originated: Australia

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Now residing in Sydney, Luke Dubs and Elgusto grew up in the Blue Mountains where they took up musical instruments at a young age. They’ve played together with Elgusto’s sister Aja in a funk/jazz group called Funk Injection since their early teens. Elgusto has DJ'd and played percussion with Paulmac and The Dissociatives... He’s also played with The Bird, Wes Carr, Explanetary, The Herd, Upshot and Paulmac. You can also check his DJing at various events and clubs. Luke Dubs is a full-time m...



Dark Night Sweet Light

Released: 2015


Released: 2012


Released: 2008

Tales of the Drift

Released: 2005

Alleys to Valleys

Released: 2003

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Oct 12, 2016

Even after delivering an already stellar line up for the New Years Eve festival with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Hermitude and Sticky Fingers, Beyond The Valley has gone and released and whole new slate of names that are set to make there way ...