About Us

Hey guys, we’re Rainnbow. What we do is let you directly support your favourite artists while being able to discover new music along the way. We created this platform because we love music and wanted to simplify the way that artists are rewarded for their work. As technology has become cheaper and more accessible, more and more artists have taken a DIY approach to music. They are their own creators, producers, managers, labels, publishers, merchandisers, roadies and everything in-between. But even though artists are doing more and more than ever before, it never felt right to us that we didnt really know how much the artist received when we bought an album, a t-shirt or even just a song. So we created a transparent way to directly connect fans with the artists they love.
Here’s how it works. If you’re an artist and you can already find your page on rainnbow, all you need to do verify yourself as a member to get access. If not, you can just create your own page. If you want to support an artist, create an account, find their Rainnbow profile and if there verified with us support them. While you’re there, it’s easy to check out some similar artists and discover even more great music. Based on your contribution, we take small cut to cover transaction costs to keep this show on the road and the rest goes straight to the artist. Not to the marketing team. Not to whoever is making their music available for download. Straight to the artist.
It’s simple. So simple we were amazed it has never existed before. If you want to support musicians, it has never been easier. Rainnbow exists to benefit the whole music community, from creators to consumers. Support the artists you love and discover new music with rainnbow